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Last updated on January 8th, 2018 -- in reverse chronological order...

The American Prospect: The Democrats: Exorcizing ghosts and looking forward

ShareBlue: The resistance owned 2017. Here are the wins to prove it.

The Gainesville Sun: A changing of the guard in Gainesville and beyond

Vox: Republicans control Washington. Progressives are trying to reclaim the rest of America.

Yahoo!: Democrats energized for uphill fight to reclaim state legislatures

All In With Chris Hayes: Blue Wave [VIDEO]

Buzzfeed: Democrats need to run everywhere in 2018

NY Times: Can Black Voters Turn The South Blue?

The Villager: Ex-Clinton staffer to youth: 'Run for Something'

Bustle: 5 Things You Can Do To Keep The Alabama Momentum Alive

Curbed: Millennials poised to enter city hall

Teen Vogue: Running for office -- everything you need to know

The Brookings Institute: Re-engineering politicians: How activist groups choose our candidates—long before we vote

Jim Ross column: Will Run for Something make change or just noise?

Pod Save America: "Happy Podsgiving"

Orlando Sentinel: Democrats aim for a blue wave of millennial voters

Larry Rifkin's America Trends: Podcast

Forbes: Want to make a difference this giving Tuesday? Support these organizations

HLN: VIDEO - Celebrating National Run for Office Day

Governing: Is Trump's presidency actually inspiring millennials to run for office?

Huffington Post: Reverse coattails is a real thing

CNN: Today marked the first ever Run for Office Day. What does that mean?

Yahoo: Women's anger transformed the 2017 elections. Get ready for 2018.

New Republic: What Virginia taught Democrats about winning back the states

NowThis: VIDEO - How progressives win back power

New York Times: Revenge of the Obama coalition

Boston Globe: A glimmer of good news for the Democratic Party

Chicago Tribune: Don't underestimate the anti-Trump revenge vote

The Week: Democrats have one person to thank for their revival

Time: The resistance helped Democrats win on Tuesday. Now they're turning to 2018.

Vox: Meet the group that just put more than 30 local progressives into office

McClatchy: Dems' new plan for 2018: New candidates, more ambition

Washington Post: Flush with victory, Democrats see a path to unity with their still-restive base

Mic: One year since Trump's election, these women are running for office

The Nation: Here's why Democrats won big in VA

CityLab: A new wave of local candidates

BBC: A year later, liberals still haunted by Trump's victory

Bustle: Checking in one year later with the women who almost got Hillary elected

The American Prospect: Between pragmatism & purity, VA Democrats try to come together.

Washington Post: Why Democrats care about Virginia's normally sleepy House of Delegates races

Washington Post: More mothers of young kids are running for political office as stigma begins to lift

Teen Vogue: Meet 3 teens running for local office

The Breakfast Club: VIDEO

Kansas City Star: Millennials on the school board - it could be the start of something big!

Harper's Magazine: Star Search: The race to rebuild the Democratic Party.

Gotham Gazette: Former Hillary Clinton Email Director Tells Young Democrats to 'Run for Something'

POLITICO: 'Run for Something' backs dozens of progressive candidates

Women's Health: 'I Wake Up And Go To Sleep Angry—And That's A Good Thing'

MSNBC: New wave of Democrats look to reverse the tide for the party

TIME magazine: These elected millennials are taking over city halls

TIME magazine: 'You Have to Do Something.' Meet the 27-Year-Old Woman Teaching Millennials How to Run For Office

Cosmo: 12 tips for a successful campaign

OpenMind TV: Don't just march, run!

Daily Kos: An excerpt from "Don't just march, Run for Something"

The Brian Lehrer Show: How to run for office

Bustle: 'Run For Something' Will Inspire You To Run For Local Government And Make Change Happen — EXCERPT

Mother Jones: Virginia Is a Microcosm of Democrats’ Down-Ballot Struggles. This Year They May Have Cracked the Code.

NowThis: Why you should run for office (VIDEO)

Global Citizen: Girls' Guide to Getting Into Government

Washington Post Outlook: How Trump is helping to save democracy

InStyle: How to Run for Office

Rolling Stone: How a New Generation of Progressive Activists Is Leading the Trump Resistance

Indy Week: What a 1985 insurgency can teach us about Durham's mayoral race

Politico: Run for Something backs dozens of millennials for office

PBS News Hour: Will 2018 be the next year of women?

Washington Post: Obama campaign successor teams up with progressives to train full-time activists

The Nation: Democrats have a problem. Can these women fix it?

NY Times: Donald Trump is the godfather of a Democratic renaissance

Reuters: Angry and inspired, Democrats train new wave of candidates

The Huffington Post: The health care fight is driving more Democrats to run for office

Pantsuit Nation: This Pod is Your Pod, episode 1

The Forward: Meet 5 Jewish millennials working to fight the Trump agenda

Chicago Tribune: Why is Illinois' governor's race a big ol' testosterone fest?

NowThis News: VIDEO

Wisconsin Public Radio: Will outsider candidates have a better chance in 2018?

The Resistance Dashboard podcast: Ross Morales Rocketto on Run for Something

AP: After Trump, groups helping Dems in VA House contests

LA Times: Trump succeeds where Obama failed - spawning a new wave of liberal activism

Washington Post: Democratic group endorses seven in Virginia delegates race

NPR: The Anti-Trump 'Resistance' Tries to Rebuild After Stinging Georgia Loss

The Hill: Dems see a surge of new candidates

KCRW: To the Point with Warren Olney

WNYC: The Brian Lehrer Show

CQ Roll Call: Rebuilding a Party: Democrats Groom for a Revival

LA Times: A new generation of Democrats isn't waiting for the party to tell them what to do

Call Your Girlfriend (Podcast): See you on the ballot

Newsweek: The millennials working to save the Democratic Party

Fast Company: This is what climate progress looks like without Trump

Vice: This trans metalhead step-mom is making a historic run in Virginia

CNN (and many, many others): Hillary Clinton officially launches outside 'resistance group'

Houston Chronicle: Teen's election to Pearland school board turns heads

Time: Democrats lost the health care vote. But they think it could win them the House.

NYMag: Will millennials save Democrats in 2018?

The Atlantic: Can the Democrats convince millennials to vote in 2018?

Vocativ: Why one PAC is pushing young Virginians to run for something

Yahoo: How Trump reshaped the U.S. liberal movement

El Pais: "Si Trump puede dedicarse a la politica, yo tambien."

Huffington Post: The resistance gave birth to a girl and her name is Hannah Risheq

Salon: This land is your land: American reflections on Trump's first 100 days

Politico: 100 days of Democratic rage

CNN: 100 days in, Democrats' biggest asset is Trump

Fast Company: Why running for office could be the career booster millennials need

MSNBC: Recruiting millennials to run for office (VIDEO)

Millennial Politics: Run for Something -- politics' new paradigm? 

City Watch LA: What do we mean when we say 'resistance'

New York Times (Nicholas Kristof): How to stand up to Trump and win

TIME: Democrats turning to grassroots movement for party's future

The Guardian: Former Obama staffers run for office to protect the progressive policies they built

The Upstander: Millennials urged to run for down ballot office

Yahoo! News: Ex-Clinton staffer: 8,000 millennial Democrats have told our new group they want to run for office

New York Times: Roused by Trump, First-Time Female Candidates Eye Local Seats

NBC News: Thousands of Would-Be Democrat Candidates Flood States in Trump Backlash

Huffington Post: Dems are furious about Trump: This lawmaker wants them to ride that anger into office

OZY: Why millennials are running for office in droves

The Organizers Podcast: Episode 14 - Run for Something

CNN: Hillary Clinton reflects: 'Life hands all of us setbacks'

Harvard Institute of Politics: The Leaders of the Resistance

Bustle: These groups are ensuring someone from the Women's March will be the next president

Washington Post: VA Democrats to challenge GOP state lawmakers in each district Clinton won

CNN: Hillary Clinton staffers are keeping up the fight.

Marie Claire: Donald Trump Is Inspiring More Women to Run for Office Than Ever Before

The Simmons Voice: Inspired by 2016 election, millennials run for office

The Maroon (Loyola University): Loyola students are getting involved and making changes in response to the election

NPR: Betsy DeVos made me want to run for school board

Deutsche Welle: In the face of Trump, resistance takes to the internet

Forbes: New political action committee “Run for Something” helps millennials run for office

The Nation: Your guide to the sprawling new anti-Trump resistance movement

Sirius XM: Brian Fallon on rebuilding the party

CNN: Democratic base leading the way for would-be party leaders

ATTN: How 3300 young people are responding to Trump

Christian Science Monitor: Surge in young women planning to run for office

Bitch Media: Six ways to take action this week

The Washington Post: The resistance to Trump is big, diverse and ferocious

Voice of America: After march, more women ready to run for office

The Week: More than 1,000 young liberals signed up to run for office this weekend

Huffington Post: More Than 1,000 Progressives Signed Up To Run For Office Over The Weekend

Elle Magazine: So you want to run for office? Here’s how to get started

The Hill: New group recruits 1,200 millennials to run for office after Trump inauguration

Bustle: How Donald Trump's Presidency Is Inspiring Thousands Of Millennials To Run For Office

Axios: Trump triggers liberal millennials to run for office

Mother Jones: The First Step to Electing More Democrats? Getting Them to Run

The Washington Examiner: New Democratic group of Obama, Clinton veterans to focus on party's empty bench

CNN: March spurs efforts to get more women to run for office

MediaPost: 'Run For Something' Initiative Encourages Millennials To Run For Office