Amanda Litman

Hillary Clinton’s email director. (The other emails.) Responsible for raising more than $330 million online. Charlie Crist’s digital director when he ran for governor in 2014. One of the first employees at Organizing for Action as deputy email director. Email writer for Barack Obama’s re-elect. Northwestern University graduate. Bookworm. Feminist. Nationals fan. Dog owner.

Ross Morales Rocketto

A progressive political operative with more than a decade of experience in campaign management, grassroots organizing, and data/analytics. Currently a principal at Smoot Tewes Group. Formerly a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting’s innovation center. Worked in Iowa in 2007 for Bill Richardson, and in 2005 for Julian Castro. Married, one dog, two cats. 

But we’re not doing this alone. We’ve got an amazing (and growing) board of advisers who are helping us think through this project...

Cristobal Alex, President, Latino Victory Fund

Garrett Arwa, Political Director, For Our Future Fund

Mike Blake, member of the NY state Assembly for the 79th district

Amanda Brown, Campaign Director, For Our Future Fund

Jon Carson, former executive director of OFA & Obama 2008 field director

Brad Elkins, Deputy Campaign Manager, Jason Kander for Senate

Teddy Goff, digital & tech for Obama 2008, Obama 2012, and Hillary 2016

Sabrina Hersi Issa, CEO, Be Bold Media

Omar Khan, Obama campaign & admin alum

Andy MacCracken, student advocate

Aneesa McMillan, Deputy Communications Director, Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Caitlin Mitchell, VP of Digital at EMILY's List

Jen O'Malley Dillon, Partner, Precision Strategies

Charles Olivier, CFO, Democratic National Committee

Emmy Ruiz, Campaign operative