Before scheduling a call, make sure to review the mentorship companion guide.

All mentors have agreed to devote some time to helping you. All you have to do is fill out this form and we'll find a great match for your from our list of experts.

We have an incredible list of over 250 mentors that are experts the following fields. 

VOTER CONTACT: data, how to know who to talk to & when

FIELD: canvassing, phone banking, organizing volunteers

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: general campaign strategy; team building; how to hire; who to hire; misc

COMMS: messaging, speechwriting, talking to press, top-line strategy, polling, advertising

DIGITAL: social media, websites, email, branding, design, logos, how to use the internet to organize

TECH: websites, internet security, online tools you can use, questions about democratic technology

GRASSROOTS $: how to raise money from small dollar donors

MAJOR DONOR $: how to raise money from major donors, how to ask for money in real life

POLICY: policy questions!

Here is how this works:

  1. You submit a request for a meeting by filling out the entire form.
  2. Our mentor concierge Sarah Musiker ( will email you connecting you to a mentor. We look for matches based on expertise and regional geography. For example, if you request communications and digital help and live in Minnesota, we'll look for someone in the midwest who is a pro at comms and digi.
  3. Sarah will make sure you find a good time to chat with the mentor. Please remember these mentors are very excited to talk to you but also very busy, please try to work with the times suggested by Sarah.
  4. The mentor will call you day of and you will chat