REsources for candidates for local office 

(Alt headline: The resistance will be Google Doc'd.)

Find below all our running google docs of resources for local candidates. We'll continue updating as we go!


A BEGINNER'S GUIDE: HOW TO FILE & FIND THE INFO YOU NEED - How to pick an office and how to file to get on the ballot

ALL THE OFFICIAL "SECRETARIES OF STATE" LINKS -  A starting point for finding local information for your state.

ONLINE TOOLS FOR CANDIDATES - A complete list of free/cheap resources you can use during your campaign

ALL THE TRAININGS WE KNOW ABOUT - An exhaustive database of every training we know about, searchable by demographic, state, and cost

THE RUN FOR SOMETHING MENTORSHIP PROGRAM  -- Our network of campaign experts who are ready to answer your questions for FREE. Please take advantage of this! Read the guide to find the link to the directory.


VENDORS & CONSULTANTS 101 - How to know what you need vendors for and what different payment plans mean.

RFS GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS - A just-for-RFS candidates guide to using Canva to create social media graphics. Note the log-in credentials on page two!

HOW TO USE FACEBOOK LIVE - Written by Hillary for America video professionals, a quick & dirty guide to how to use Facebook live to make campaign videos.

A GUIDE TO YOUTUBE DIRECTOR APP - A new app you can use to make professional-looking videos for your campaign.

ADS 101 -- What kind of ads you might use for your campaign and a few tips for Facebook ads in particular.

POLICY TRAINING: You can click here to listen to the audio from our policy training -- or read our "policy 101" guide here. 

You can also watch replays of our summer policy webinar series:

Education Policy
Criminal Justice Reform
Building An American Economy That Works For All
Communicating Climate Policy on the Campaign Trail
Healthcare 101
Immigration Policy


If you're able to write one for your state, please let us know at

How to file in California

How to file in D.C.

How to file in Illinois

How to file in Minnesota

How to file in New Jersey

How to file in New York

How to file in Oregon

How to file in Pennsylvania

How to file in Virginia


List of 2017 municipal races - Ballotpedia

Filing Requirements and Deadlines - NextDems 

Key Dates for Candidates - NextDems

How to Assemble Your Campaign Team - NextDems

How to Run for Your Local School Board - TeenVogue

Run for Office - Slate

So You Want to Run for Office? Here's How to Get Started - Elle


Campaign Boot Camp 2.0: Basic Training for Future Leaders by Christine Pelosi (2007)

Running for Office: The Strategies, Techniques and Messages Modern Political Candidates Need to Win Elections by Ronald A. Faucheux (2002)

The Art of the Political Campaign: How to Run for Elected Office With No Money, Name Recognition or Political Connections by Brian Duewel (2013)

The Political Campaign Desk Reference: A Guide for Campaign Managers, Professionals and Candidates Running for Office by Michael McNamara (2012)

How to Run for Local Office: A Complete Guide for Winning a Local Election by Robert J. Thomas (second edition, 2008)

How to Run for Political Office and Win: Everything You Need to Know To Get Elected by Melanie Williamson (2012)

Winning Your Election the Wellstone Way: A Comprehensive Guide for Candidates and Campaign Workers by Jeff Blodgett (2008)


Got additions to this list? DM @rfs_sarah on Slack or email her -