Any member of the Run for Something community can apply for our endorsement.

In order to be eligible for an endorsement from Run for Something, candidates must:

1. Complete the weekly Run for Something candidate introduction call. Sign up here, then join a conference call. If you've already signed up and need the link to the calls, you can find that here

2. Fill out the Run for Something questionnaire on the following page.

3. Be officially on the ballot (i.e. filed paperwork and/or acquired petition signatures if needed), or have a campaign committee, be formally announced, and have an announced opponent.

3. Submit to a basic background check -- the candidate will have a chance to explain anything possibly contentious. This review is not to rule anyone out, but rather to help identify any known parts of self-research.

Criminal record search
Search on Lexis Nexis
FEC records
Social media review

4. Be a Democrat and meet the Run for Something progressive criteria

5. Be 35ish or younger on or before Election Day

6. Be a first or second-time candidate

7. Be running for a down-ballot office — this is defined as anything below statewide and federal office.

Candidates who meet this criteria and apply for an endorsement will have their applications reviewed by RFS staff as well as an additional campaign expert who will assess applications based on quality of the campaign, being connected to the community, and a commitment to bringing new voices into the process.

Once applications have been reviewed, each candidate will be notified of the endorsement. A candidate can expect to hear back within 30 days of submission. If a candidate is not selected, they will have an opportunity to re-apply within the same cycle, however, this will be dependent on the reason the original application was not accepted.

If endorsed by RFS, candidates will receive the following benefits:

  • Featured on our website with other endorsed candidates

  • Mentions on social media channels

  • Inclusion when we pitch stories to reporters

  • Use of our brand for your website as well as the ability to publicly note our endorsement and ability to use our endorsement as leverage to encourage others to endorse

  • Featured in “why we run” and for press stories

  • Access to additional types of candidate support resources from our partner organizations

Note: As of 2017 RFS is running a candidate funding pilot initiative in the state of Virginia. We will likely expand that program in 2018. However, as of right now an RFS endorsement does not include a financial contribution unless you are one of our endorsed candidates in Virginia.

Any candidate who receives an RFS endorsement must agree to the following:

  • Having a field program as a central component of the campaign where the candidate participates by knocking on doors and calling voters directly.

  • Fundraising using best practices and using all available mechanisms including but not limited to: call time, events, email, online and in-person meetings.

  • Including Run for Something as a strategic partner in the campaign.

  • Giving back time to Run for Something as a mentor after the election concludes.